Boating on the waterways of Europe can be done without breaking the bank. You can rent a boat to make your trips easier. There are several boating shops in Europe. The shops make it quite easy for you to plan for a European boating holiday.

You can enjoy a French meal aboard the boat on the open deck at night. Some truly garment wines are also to be had in the gorgeous country inns. Cruising in France will enable you to see quaint villages, vineyards, chateaus, far from the usual tourist traps.

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France is found on the countryside. You will see a lot when on a leisurely cruise through the many rivers and canals. Each waterway in Europe has its unique culture, architecture and history. The many waterways of France meander through some of the most varied and vivid locations in Europe. Every boater will find France to be a top destination for boating holidays, with some beautiful countryside to be found.



Europe Can Provide You With A Fun Filled Boating Vacation

If you are a fisherman, Ireland has some excellent fishing, with prize- winning perch, trout, and salmon to be found. When boating in Europe, you can find great entertainment in the local pubs and shops. The local people are well known for their hospitality.

Towns and villages are also easy to find along the way. There are many places with water access that are open for exploring, including some woods and castles. The Irish Landscape is recognized as among the most beautiful places in Europe. Many people say that there is absolutely nothing like the experience of cruising Ireland’s rivers and isles. There are countless reasons why every boater should check out for an Irish boating holiday.

In England, you will have a unique opportunity to enjoy some good old-fashioned English cooking and their great ales. There are many waterside pubs that you can dock, tie up at the pier during your English boating holiday. You can choose a narrow boat with sleep areas and large decks for sightseeing. The south coast always offers great places to visit by boat. Bexhill, home of HB payroll (click here for their website), is an amazing coastal town with a rigged coastline and loads of things to do. HB

Such a boat will enable you to enjoy the English countryside as you leisurely float along. There are also many miles of canals where you can pilot your narrow boat along. You will find Great Britain to be a great place to enjoy and relax during your boating holiday. There are also lots of fabulous boating holiday destinations all over Europe.

Never Ignore Ireland When Boating On The Water Ways Of Europe

Boating in Ireland will enable you to discover some of the country’s hidden secrets including the Emerald Isle. In order to explore the canal and narrower water systems easily, you can choose a traditional narrow boat or a larger cruiser boat, a Penichette barge. If you are an experienced boater, you will find boating holidays in Ireland as varied as you wish them to be.

The Iron Mountain on Lake Lough Allen is an excellent lake to walk on if you need to break from cruising down the water ways. You can also cruise in Lake Lough Ree, which is one of the Ireland’s biggest lakes. It also has its share of little islands and it is located at just about the central point of Ireland. Ireland is home to some great castles with amazing grounds. The lawn care is incredible. (click here to see more)

You will find the lakes or Loughs of Ireland to be very satisfying places to explore. Some of popular canals include Ulster canal, Royal canal, Grand Canal and Newry Canal. The River Shannon is linked by a canal to Dublin. The river Erne is also linked with a canal. Those canals will make your boating holiday in Ireland more enjoyable.

Top Countries In Europe For Boating Holidays

Europe provides you with a unique opportunity to experience travel on wide beam boats to one of the most superb places. Popular countries where every boater should visit include the following:

(a) Scotland:

This is the best destination where you can sample some of the best whisky in the world. You will find yourself surrounded by beautiful countryside wherever you go featuring lochs, rivers, castles and many more. The Highlands of Scotland provide one of the most stunning areas to explore by barge in Europe.

(b) Italy:

You will be able to cruise along ancient trades and discover historic towns in Italy. The scenery here is very diverse and you may as well feel as if you are getting more than one trip. Italy is ideal Europe destination for barging.

(c) Holland:

During your boating activity, you will have the opportunity to stop off in famous cities like Rotterdam, where many cultural treasures await. You will also glide past tall windmills and pass through fields of colorful bulbs when heading west of the country. Cruising on wide beam boats through waterways of Holland is the perfect way to see the country.

(d) Germany:

Here you will pass ancient villages and castles, which you can explore at your leisure. When boating along the River Moselle, you will find yourself surrounded by picturesque vineyards growing on steep slopes on either side. You will also enjoy the world well-known Riesling grape wine in Moselle region. Every boater should consider Germany as a top destination for cruises.

(e) Belgium:

To explore the historic attractions and stunning scenery in Belgium, alight in the stunning medieval cities like Antwerp and Bruges. There are also many water ways in the north of Belgium where you can explore Flanders. You can see more of this country in a single cruise because it is very small. It is the ideal destination for leisurely cruises on wide boats. You will notice that Belgium is a small but a very diverse country that is culturally rich.

(f) France:

In order to see Villages, Gallic towns, forest and Napoleic castles, consider gliding down the canals and rivers of France. The Canal du Midi in the south of France links the Atlantic with Mediterranean. Each region has its unique waterways that provide opportunities for visual and gastronomic pleasures. France, therefore, is a destination of choice for every boater.

To summarize, there are lots of unique experiences to enjoy while boating on the water ways of Europe. Different countries within this region provide you with a lifetime boating experience. Every serious boater looking for the best destination for a boating vacation should consider Europe first. Renting a boat will make your cruising experience superb and inexpensive.



Owning Boats & Cars


I’ve always been a fan of boats, but my other weakness is Classic Cars. Over the years, I’ve had a handful of beautiful classics from Mercedes to my current Alfa Romeo.

Me and My Alfa Spider

There are very many reasons as to why an individual should see the need of owning vintage cars. These reasons come in as the advantages of these cars and therefore an individual should not hesitate having one. Some of the advantages that will accrue to them just because of the step they take include the following:

The cars are durable and can serve an individual for a long time. I’ve had my Alfa Romeo for 6 years now! Any human being who is interested in purchasing a car or an automobile should be impressed by the duration of such a vehicle. This means if you decide to go for other vehicles then you will be expected to replace them after a very short period of time.

It is fun to own and drive such cars around. When you start driving such a car you have all reasons to enjoy your life because of the way the car serves you. A person who is interested in getting some fun should therefore think of owning one car of this kind. This also means that an individual will not be stressed up by the car if their car is a classic one. There are various issues which are involved with other forms of cars which a person will be able to escape by taking this informed step.

These cars are more efficient and therefore a person will be able to enjoy the services they receive from such an asset. There are some car models which are not dependable and therefore a person should find a way because of their inefficiency. A person who opts to own such a classic car will have fewer reasons to make them worry.


Reselling 2nd Hand Boats & Cars


The resale value of the cars is high just in case an individual sees the need to change the car. If you find a good classic car dealer London, then you can demand a high price. This implies that one will be able to get a large amount of money from such a sale. An individual who gets a large amount of money from selling a certain car have all reasons to be happy because they will have some money on top of the utility they got from the vehicle.

Owning such a vehicle enables an individual to boost their image in the society. Other members of the society view them as respectable society members. There is no single human being who will not like it when their image is good in the society they emanate from or live in.

There are various disadvantages that a person will also come across when they own such a vehicle. It is therefore important for a person to be aware of these disadvantages so that they can know what they are about to own. The disadvantages include the following: this type of car has high maintenance cost. This will force the owner of the car to dig dipper into their pockets to enable them maintain the car in a good condition. This makes people to view vintage cars as a problem and a bother to them.

The world is dynamic and keeps on changing every now and then. This means that there are chances that the spare parts of a classic car can miss on the market. A person who owns a car model or type whose spare parts are not available might not be able to replace any of the car parts when they break down. This in turn limits the lifespan of the car.

A large number of these classic cars for sale are not safe compared to the most recent models of the cars. Some of them lack safety parts like the safety belts, speed governors and shock absorbers. Safety of a human being is vital when they are driving a certain car model. This means that the users of such cars are risking their lives.

The cost of insuring such cars is very high and therefore it will be a nuisance to an individual. The insurance company will charge more premiums if the chances of risks occurring are very high. They will therefore treat such a car as prone to accidents and other hazards. Tis will act against the favor of the owner.

The car does not have modern conveniences and therefore appears as outdated. A person who prefers using some of the parts of the car that are present in modern cars will be bored when it comes to using such cars. The cars might not be having some things like the stereo system.